View from the garage by mechanic David Oldridge

So to Donington, for the meeting re-arranged due to the local noise issues (we didn’t think of the irony of that as jets screamed over all weekend at all ……).  The Sports 2000s had been slotted in as a support to the World Touring Car meeting, so much of the paddock was taken over by corporate hospitality. Good news was that Mike and John had delivered the car on Thursday, so we had a decent spot in the paddock; later arrivals had been relegated to the gravel areas at the bottom of the paddock; amazing that “The Heart of British Motorsport” still has such hopeless facilities. Even better news was that the car was sitting under the MCR awning, which was a real bonus as the rain poured down through the weekend.

Qualifying on Friday went ok with no car issues. Race 1 (Saturday) presented the common problem of what set up to use on a drying track (in generally changeable conditions). Like the vast majority of the field we opted for a wet set up and part worn wets. The tricky conditions caused a trip across the gravel and a half spin which, when added to a lack of instruments, accounted for a disappointing result.

Back under the awning a quick investigation revealed a minor electrical glitch which was easily resolved, restoring the instruments, and some damage to the undertray. Some quick fettling produced an acceptable repair to the undertray, and a good spanner check and clean got us ready for Race 2 (Sunday).

Once again the weather asked us some tricky questions in the minutes before heading to the assembly area, but a last minute scramble saw us again go for a full wet set-up, which proved to be correct. John started well, but at the start of the second lap an as yet undiagnosed problem caused the engine revs to flare, so John pulled off, a disappointing end to a long (car arrived at Donington Thursday, Race 2, 5:50 on Sunday!) weekend.  Highlight of the weekend? The MCR fruitcake! Thanks to LA and MCR for all their help over the weekend.

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