Thruxton – 28th July 2012 – Guy Woodward

Clive Hayes kindly contacted me an offered me a drive in the MCR Duratec Sports 2000 car and I jumped at the opportunity.

As I haven’t raced for over two years I was a little apprehensive but was really looking forward to the experience.

However on getting to the circuit on Friday for a test in the car I was immediately welcomed and made to feel at home. Cindy and Clive being such friendly and charming people.

The test did not go too well as on my fifth lap the left hand rear wheel parted company as I was exiting Segrave corner  at high speed resulting in three rather lurid 360 degree spins.

The team did a fantastic job in repairing the car and I was out again but only for a few laps.

On Sunday race day I was sharing the car with Anders Fredricskson from Sweden and he set the time in qualifying as I was still learning the car.  Bill Coombs was on pole by a margin but Anders put us on the front row, a terrific performance as it was his first time at the demanding Thruxton Circuit.

Come the race Anders started in very difficult conditions with the track wet after a heavy shower and the car on slicks.  He was fairly cautious in the conditions but kept it on track whilst the circuit gradually dried out. The safety car was deployed after nearly a half hour and I took over.  By now the track was dry and the car was working beautifully and I found I was on the pace and making up ground.  Unfortunately just before the end the front bodywork started to lift and I had to pull into the pits but crossed the chequered flag , albeit losing a lap and we were classified 6th overall. I was thrilled to find that I had achieved the third fastest lap of the race only six tenths of a second slower than Bill Coombs fastest lap and absolutely loved the experience of driving this fantastic car and being part of such a great team.  I hope I will be back for more in the not too distant future.  Many thanks to Clive, Cindy for a great week end.

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