Spa Summer Classic – Driver Mike Turner

Spa and my first race with the MCR sharing the car with John Owen this year promised to be a good fun season.  John moving over from Formula Ford and myself changing from a Duratec Lola.  After a good test at Donington I really looked forward to my first event in the new car.  I new the car was very quick after Patrick Sherrington had been so successful in it during 2010 so was eager to get to grips with it.  esting on Thursday went well.  In only 8 laps or so the car was over a second quicker than I had lapped at Spa before in my previous Sports 2000 car.  The amount of grip available and the performance of the brakes were a real eye opener.

After a look at the data with Scott, Patrick and Clive we were able to identify some areas to work on from a driving point of view.  John took the car out first in qualifying and again improved his times well.  I jumped into the car and managed to lower my times by 1.9 seconds from the testing times.  We qualified 6th and were both very pleased with how things had gone.  John was doing the first race and drove a fine first race in torrential rain to bring the car home 7th after a testing first drive.

Sunday dawned fine and dry.  I think I definately got the best of the deal here!  The start was hectic and after a short safety car period the race resumed.  I managed to get up to 5th when I ran over some debris in the track which made a huge noise.  I decided I had better pit to check things out. Having pitted with only 5 minutes to go I decided to call it a day as we could not find anything amiss. Rather than risk the car I decided to save things for Donington in July.  A real shame as 4th or 5th position was a good possibility.

Overall a great weekend.  I feel I am only just getting to grips with the car.  The amount of potential is huge once I get used to the grip levels and braking performance.  Roll on Donington!

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