Snetterton Round 1 – April 25th 2011 – Patrick Sherrington

New shape bodywork for 2011 MCR Race Cars

Qualifying – We knew we would be up against it having had overheating and misfire problems in testing but hoped that all would be fixed having made some hasty mods to the air intake on the side of the car. This seems to have worked but the incurable misfire reappeared and we qualified down in 11th place due to having no straight-line speed. Still if we could fix the misfire I was confident we could make up ground in the race.

Race – A change of ECU seemed to have fixed the misfire and I lined up on the very crowded grid.  Red lights out and got a good start but the way ahead was blocked. Managed to move to the inside for the first corner and the up to the hair pin picking off a couple of cars along the way. Round the outside of the Ray into the next left hander and I could see the leaders just ahead. This was more like it!

A monumental spin from Rupert Russell sent clouds of blinding dust across the track and it was a case of creeping through the darkness whilst praying no one ran into the back of me. Thankfully cleared the dust and into clear space crossing the line a good 6th. I was starting to catch the group ahead and probably had the pace for 3rd but sadly I could see the engine temperature rising steadily and the curse of the overheating had returned.

By lap 6 the alarm came on and rather than risk the engine I decided to pull off and retire on lap 6.

Well done to the team for a lot of hard work before during and I am sure after the race and congratulations on what has to be the best looking car out there!

Roll on Cadwell.

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