Snetterton Endurance Race – 30th August 2009 – Driver Mike Jenvey

Competing in the endurance race in the factory MCR with Patrick Sherrington.

The endurance qualifying was hard work, stepping out of my car into a completely different car.  But the car felt much better than the last time I drove it at Silverstone and much more forgiving to drive.  I had a good session in it and getting into 2nd on the grid and although Patrick went even quicker that is where we ended behind Rick and Les Johnson.

I was to start the endurance race.  Patrick has been struggling to get the MCR off the line and I was no different.  The tyres seemed slow to warm up and once I was feeling comfortable with the car I was in 5th.  The top 5 were all in one group so there was no point in taking any risks.  I got alongside Paul Tickner a few times but could not make it past.  Then 23 mins into the 1 hour race the car went straight on in the second part of the chicane.  I managed to get across the grass and into the pits, but with the front right dragging on the floor due to a puncture.  Patrick got into the car whilst repairs were made and set off, but we had lost a lot of time.  Pat drove an awesome stint to cross the line 48 seconds after the leader.  Times later showed that we had dropped 2 minutes, 23 seconds during our repairs.

The pace had been impressive and without the puncture we would have won easily

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