Silverstone Endurance Race – 29th June 2009 – Driver Mike Jenvey

Patrick and Mike 3rd at Silverstone

For the Silverstone Sports 2000 Endurance race I was invited to drive the Factory MCR Sports 2000 Duratec with regular driver Patrick Sherrington.
MCR currently supply the most competitive Sports 2000 available to buy new.  We have been working with them and Patrick to ensure this remains the case as they take on the might of Lola, Juno, Ray and many other renowned sports car manufacturers.  Silverstone was all about further development and confirming Patrick’s feedback, whilst trying to win.

We only had 30 mins for both of us to qualify.  I went out first on new tyres to get used to the car.  12 minutes in and I came up behind a massive queue so brought the car in for Patrick who went out after a quick change onto old tyres.  The new tyres were put aside for the race.  Patrick’s best time got us to 5th on the grid.

In the 4 hours before the race we made a raft of changes specifically on the mechnical and suspension side to make the rear of the car more predictable.  We also determined and fixed the reasons for a distinct deficit in power.

Come the race Patrick started, dropping a place off the start but then increasing his pace and moving up the positions.  The battle at the front was great to watch (something I do not normally do) with very close dicing.  Patrick got into 3rd behind the 2 leaders for the pistop just after the half hour mark.
We re-fuelled the car easily within the 4 minute required pitstop and out I went.  It took a while to get up to speed.  There was lots of traffic and due to a short pitstop from Chris Yarwood and extra fast laps from Rupert Russel I was out of sight of the leaders.   Kept pushing without knowing my position, but was reluctant to take too many risks.  With 5 laps to go Nick Bate’s Lola came into view ahead.  Desperately tried to catch him for second but was unable to bridge the gap and crossed the chequered flag to take 3rd.
MCR also took the win with Chris Yarwood – Congratulations.

Thanks to MCR for an enjoyable day.  We made significant handling improvements on the car and gave Clive (of MCR Race Cars) a number of thoughts on continuing the the development of the MCR to ensure many repeats of the win.  It was also thoroughly enjoyable driving with my old school friend Patrick.

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