Race Car Live 28th November 2009 – Driver Chris Yarwood

It’s always fun to drive someone else’s car so when Cindy offered me the chance to do a few laps in Patrick’s 2009 car I jumped at the chance.  Whilst the car is essentially the same as the GPS Engineering car I have been driving there has been so much development work on the MCR’s in the past 18 months that there are slight differences between the cars and the way they have been set up.

With Race Car Live running to track day rules it was frustrating to have to wait for the straights to over take but fun to see how fast the Sporst 2 Duratecs are compared to other formulae…”move over radical!”

Patrick’s car was great to drive and very neutral in it’s set-up, Patrick has made some changes in the cockpit which make things a bit less physical for the driver and the revised wishbones at the front definitely give more bite and feel on turn in and mid corner.

Clive and Cindy remain really commited to developing the cars through testing and racing but have also managed to make changes which can be implemented on the older cards without great expense.  Good news for the club racer who doesn’t want their investment to be outdated in a year or two.

Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the drive at Brands.

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