Oulton Park test day with Turner/Owen Mechanic David Oldridge

Having a credit of a days MSV testing we went to Oulton with two main aims: to give both John and Mike some more seat time, and to try to find some more pace in advance of the Combe 2-driver race.

The morning provided three “Closed Wheel” sessions, and all was going well until at the lunch break we discovered the rear wing pole cross brace had failed (happily not where I had previously welded it!). Mike set off to find a Grumpy Fabricator with a TIG set, while John and I spanner-checked the car and set about changing the ratios. Mike reappeared with the repaired pole which we rapidly fitted, and got John out losing only about 15 minutes of the first session. John went out again in the next session (Mike holding back to set a heroic time in the last session?) but after only a couple of laps the car limped into the pits, with a loud clattering from the transmission. It was easy to see that the clutch had failed (bits of facing material were escaping the bellhousing!), so that was the end of our days play.

Overall the day had been reasonable: John in particular had become more familiar with the car, and we had significantly improved the times. Highlight of the day: the MSV breakfast. Why can’t other circuits (are you listening Silverstone?) provide the friendly, helpful, good quality and value service that Dr Palmers‘ venues do?

Donington Park test day Patrick Sherrington<< >>View from the garage by mechanic David Oldridge