Oulton Park – 2013 – Round 3 – Patrick Sherrington

We had tried some slight set up tweaks for qualifying and it seemed to have worked as the car felt very stable in a number of the big commitment corners. We pitted whilst in pole position although not by much so just had time for a quick tyre pressure check then back out again. Managed to consistently go a bit quicker which left me on pole from Craig Mitchell with Robert Oldershaw in third .

Red lights out and got a good start to maintain position and lead into Redgate with room to spare. The first lap went very much to plan and had a small lead from Rob as we crossed the line for the first time. However for some reason the car already had a lot of under steer which is just plain slow at Donington. This led to a slow exit from the Old Hairpin and I could see Rob close as we thundered up the hill.
Rob challenged up the inside and I was reasonably relaxed about him going through as I expected the tyres to start to come in and stay close for a chance later. The tyres didn’t seem to want to wake up however and I was able to just hold Rob for the next lap and then pushing too hard against the under steer on the next lap dropped a wheel on the grass on the exit onto the back straight and had to put in a big correction which allowed Craig Mitchell up the inside into the hairpin.
After this the lap times just seemed to settle down and apart from in the back markers I could make little impression on Craig or Rob and we just seemed to follow line astern for the remainder of the race to finish third.
Next race is the Brands Hatch GP endure which should be fantastic!

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