OSS Snetterton July Rounds 7 8 9


Despite being the middle of summer the heavens opened at Snetterton and we were greeted with a downpour all the way through qualifying. I hadn’t got a rain set up for the new car and didn’t want to risk too much so we ended up 12th and a long way of pole but with the engine now in 350 bhp configuration I was confident we could make up ground in the races

Race 1

I got a great start and immediately started to gain places and over the first few laps made it up to 5th place. The car really had some power and the handling was much better thanks to new profile front tyres.

The car was still running too hot though and I had to turn down the power after a few laps. The front of the car then started to bottom due to the high speeds and I had to pit for our first retirement in a long time

Race 2 

Races 2 was similar to race 1 and I managed to get a good start again and was soon up to 5th. The outright pace again was good but I couldn’t sustain the pace due to the overheating problem – even with cutting holes in the bodywork (Sorry Anthony). Once again the power had to be turned down and I drifted back to 8th overall but still a win in Class A

Race 3

Starting from 8th overall meant I had a chance to use my power on the straight at the start. I was soon up to 6th but the overheating then started. However a safety car allowed me to cool the car right down again and when we got going I fired the car up to 5th and then 4th which I managed to hold on until the end. Delighted to get such a fantastic result so soon into the campaign.

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