OSS Silverstone GP Rounds 1 2 3 – 12th 13th May 2018


Qualifying went well and although we tried a couple of major changes to the damper set up we didn’t find any significant improvement and the car began to understeer in several places which was costing lap time.

4th overall and 1st in class A was a great result as apart from Mike Jenvey in 3rd the 2 other cars were running to the 25mm ride height regs only introduced earlier in the week meaning they would have more downforce.

Race 1

Red lights out and we all charged down towards Copse corner for the first time. I had slightly miss timed my acceleration meaning I couldn’t get alongside Duncan Williams in the Juno and then found the track blocked as the 3 cars ahead went in side by side. This allowed the hard charging Joss Smith up the inside. I managed to get back alongside on the way out and we ran side by side down towards Maggotts. Josh bravely kept his foot in and squeezed by into Maggotts but I got a better run through Becketts and towed up and past down the Hangar Straight – hitting about 165mph on the rev limiter at the end.

I then set about chasing the leading 3 who weren’t too far ahead and having a good scrap for the lead. As it settled down though they gently pulled away. I did manage to reel in Duncan Williams in the Juno towards the end but got blocked by a back marker which gave him enough of a gap that I couldn’t make a serious attempt to get by.

4th Overall and 1st in class was a great start to the season though.

Race 2

My 2nd fastest qualifying time from Saturday had put me second on the grid for race two and this time I was determined to lead into the first corner. A good start saw me just ahead of the Norma of Stefano Leaney but on the outside into Copse. We then ran side by side about 1 cm apart and plunged into Maggotts corner. I just managed to hold on the outside and then got the inside line into Becketts. A good run out and a full power exit saw me open up a gap down the Hangar Straight whilst Mike Jenvey attacked the Norma for second. 

The Norma held on though and was soon on my tail – being massively quick through the fast corners using his extra downforce to good effect! We had a fantastic battle for 2 laps as a fought to keep him behind. In the end he was just too quick through the fast corners and made it by. However I was now in a strong second overall and leading class A with only 5 minutes left of the race.

Unfortunately down the main straight the engine suddenly lost power and a plume of smoke out the back didn’t look good. I slowed right down and limped into the pits with oil pouring out of the back of the car. 

Sadly this signalled the end of the racing for the weekend as despite a valiant effort by team MCR to clean and put the car back together one of the pistons had disintegrated meaning we didn’t make it out for race three. 

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