OSS Donington Rounds 10 11 12 – 23rd 24th Sept 2017


Proving that the pace at Snetterton was no fluke I was delighted to be 4th on the grid from qualifying and much close to the pole pace than we had been. The car felt good and I was being to really get a feel to use all more of the potential in the car.

Race 1

A great start saw me nearly lead into the first corner! As it was I settled into second place which was really got but the pace of the other cars was still too strong and I dropped into 4th by lap 7. At this point the car developed a misfire and really started to struggle. Fearing the worst I pitted to try and find the problem but nothing could be found. We reset the ECU and went out again but it was not better and I gently slipped down the order

Race 2 

Races 2 was not better and the engine totally stopped meaning another DNF

Race 3

Race 3 started more promisingly but the misfire came back again and I had to settle for 9th overall but at least more points for the championship.

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