Mike Turner talks about his racing so far this year

After a very good visit to Zandvoort where myself and John enjoyed two good races, John had another good event at Donnington.
We then moved on to Thruxton for a 2 driver race on a circuit that I know well. Qualifying was promising ending up 3rd on the grid with Thruxton expert Bill Coombs and Clive on pole.
At the rolling start I managed to hold third and after 2 or 3 laps to get myself up to speed enjoyed an excellent race with Clive for 10 laps or so. We both were strong on diferent parts of the track so the contest was very even until Clive made his pit stop. I tried to lap as quickly as possible until my time became due. Luck was on my side as just as I was about to stop the safety car was deployed. This gave John and I a real helping hand gaining almost a lap on other cars.
John took over and drove an excellent stint to see us finish 2nd overall and 1st in the Derek Bell class. A great day for us both. Tom Stoten drove a fine race to record his first win.
From Thruxton we moved on to Brand Hatch GP circuit for another 2 driver event. The weather proved to be the major factor here. Rain fell for most of the day making conditions very difficult for everyone. However we managed to keep everything pointing in roughly the right direction most of the time! Just to finish seemed a decent result in such tricky conditions. I had not driven the car in the wet previously and was delighted with the handling on the slippery track. John had only done a few laps on the GP circuit before so between us we were happy to complete the race distance. The 2 driver races have proved most enjoyable for us this year and have enabled us to notch up some good results. The car has been a joy to drive and we are both now starting to get to grips with it. Roll on the rest of the season

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