Mizhen tests at Silverstone race circuit

Keith Mizen testing at Silverstone

Keith Mizen has been busy testing his MCR race car at Silverstone today. Car looking good Keith. ” 59 laps in the pouring rain today… one spin, couple of off tracks, but no damage and lots of valuable experience. Dash and data logger gave up for last 90 mins which was very annoying… likely water, […]
Sherrington BRSCC OSS Championship

Patrick Sherrington joins BRSCC OSS Championship

Sports 2000 Championships Duratec Champion 2014 & 2015 Patrick Sherrington is joining the BRSCC #excooloss championship in the A Class in a new-for-2017 MCR Race Cars, sports racing car manufacturers 1600cc Turbo. Also the 2015 Sports2000 Duratec Enduro Champion and the European Formula Vee Champion in 2006 & 2007, Patrick started racing in 1997. The […]