Donington Park – 30th June 2012 – Patrick Sherrington

The meeting also featured the FIA Truck racing which meant a massive crowd and I was also pleased to see a fantastic turnout of support from the ADI Group at what is their “home” circuit


We had 2 qualifying sessions at Donington. The first ended with a trip to the gravel when too much enthusiasm and a slight issue with the brake bias got the better of me at McCleans. The team got together and did a great job to get me out in time for the second qualifier where we held pole for some of the session until pipped by Mike Jenvey and Craig Mitchell so 3rd on the grid for both races

Race 1

Yet another Sports 2 race that had to guess the right tyres as the rain cleared and the tracked started to dry. We opted for wets as did everyone else but driving out on the track I knew we could have taken slicks.

Red slights out and a controlled start saw me shoot into the lead for the first corner with Rob Oldershaw coming through behind. Rob then passed me down the hill at Craner as I did not wish to tempt the greasy conditions too much. Rob and I pulled away for a bit before Mike got his tyres up to temp and hunted us down. We had a short 3 way gap before I got baulked by some of the slower Pinto cars and then the rear tyres blistered on the now dry track which meant I had to settle for 3rd.

Race 2

Another good start and I slotted in behind Mike into second for the first corner. Nick Bates got alongside in the Lola but I managed to hold him off and set off down Craner after Mike. Mike and I then started to pull away for 4 laps before catching back markers. This allowed Rob Oldershaw and Craig Mitchell to catch back up. Yellow flags were also flying at numerous places and with slow cars in front coming into a yellow flag zone at Coppice I was forced to back off only to have Rob Oldershaw slip down the inside. This was neatly followed a lap or so later by a similar pass for the lead at McCleans on Mike Jenvey.  A terrific scrap for the lead between me, Mike, Rob and Craig then follow with everyone being tripped up by the slower cars at some stage. I managed to get back to second with one lap to go as Rob was held up coming onto the back straight so I went around the outside of him into the chicane. I was then held up slightly into Redgate and a quick mirror check saw Rob diving down the inside which caused me to change line to avoid contact so third it was again.

A fantastic 4 way fight for the lead on what is a great track.

Snetterton up next!

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