Donington Park – 2013 – Round 5 – Patrick Sherrington

Round 5 DoningtonPark Race Report. Pole, Win, Lap Record
Qualifying was wet but with a drying (just) track. We opted for a mid way set up rather than go full wet and the car felt good right from the start. Halfway through the session we were on pole by 2 seconds although Rob Oldershaw was getting quicker and quicker. The circuit then started to dry and after being held up a couple of times I had one more chance for a quick lap before the wet tyres started to get too hot.
I pushed as hard as I dared without roasting the tyres and was delighted to be on pole by 0.9 of a second with Rob in second place and Tom Stoten in 3rd

Red lights out and got a good start to maintain position and lead into Redgate with room to spare. The first lap went very much to plan and had a small lead from Rob as we crossed the line for the first time. I then concentrated on maximum attack and started to pull away lap by lap. The car felt great and on lap 5 I succeeded in breaking the lap record which I knew straight away thanks Scott managing to get the in car timing working finally! Well done Scott.
By lap 9 I was 4 seconds in the lead and thought I could relax a bit as surely Rob would be consolidating for points in the championship and not trying too hard to catch up……..
To his credit he wasn’t and by lap 16 he had reeled me in to 0.5 of a second due to a combination of me relaxing too much and being held up by the odd backmarker! We then continued to roar along for the next 4 laps with Rob right on my tail.
On lap 22 I got held up exiting onto the back straight and had mirrors full of Gunn so had no choice to move over to the extreme inside to defend going up to the chicane at the end of the lap. Rob got the tow, pulled alongside and it was last of the late brakers into the final corner. I braked as late as I possibly dared and the car squirmed in protest as I pitched it into the corner. I glanced in the mirror on the exit and the Rob had disappeared. I was convinced he was still alongside so after some looking around whilst going down the pit straight decided he wasn’t. I later discovered that in his effort to get by he had left it even later on the brakes and had spun going into the corner.
After this it was a case of getting the laps reeled off safely to take our first treble in the MCR. Pole, Win, Lap Record.
Great job everyone at Team MCR on a fantastic weekend

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