Cadwell Park Round 2 – 7th May 2011 – Patrick Sherrington

Qualifying –¬†Lining up for the restart poles sitter Mike Jenvey pulled off with an overheating engine and so already up to P3.

Lights out again, got a good start and had to avoid Rob as he pulled out to overtake Rick on the outside. Neither gave way and the both banged into each other both cars on the edge of spinning as I looked for a way by.

Oldershaw squeezed by into first with Rick Johnson hot on his heels and me in close attendance in 3rd. It remain the way for 8 laps with Rick getting ever closer to Rob Oldershaw, almost too close at the Mountain as minor contact again had me thinking a race win might come without having to pass either of them! Lap 9 save Oldershaw take a large amount of kerb at Park corner which then cause a suspension failure at Mansfield and both Rick and I made it past.  I was close behind Rick and the Van Dieman seemed to be having engine trouble as the odd puff of back some filled my visor at the hairpin. 2 laps later I was

lining Rick up for an attack into the mountain corner and just caught the edge of the kerb at Mansfield with my right rear which caused the push rod to bend and we were out.

A frustrating end to the race but great news is that we are right on the pace and but for an inch of kerb could have won

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