OSS Rockingham June 17th 18th 2017 – Rounds 4 5 6


Rockingham was on probably the hottest day of the year and whilst the sunbathers enjoyed it the car didn’t. All the extra horsepower 350 now and the heat from the turbo were causing the car to overheat meaning I could only use all the power for a limited time only. I qualified a respectable 10th overall and first in class A

Race 1

This was the first time I was able to really see how fast the car was with the new engine and despite me mistiming the rolling start slightly the whoosh of the turbo saw the car fly down the straight and up into 8th by the first lap. Unfortunately despite making up more places by the halfway stage the car started to overheat and I had to switch done the power and slow down. This coupled with bad understeer from what turned out to be the front tyres which we changed for the next round meant I slipped gently down the order but still collected valuable points

Race 2 & 3 

Races 2 & 3 was similar to race 1 and I managed to get a good start again and was soon up to 5th. The outright pace again was good but I couldn’t sustain the pace due to the overheating problem – even with cutting holes in the bodywork (Sorry Anthony). Once again the power had to be turned down and I drifted back to 8th overall but still a win in Class A

Overall though very promising as the car has some serious power down the straights and once we have the overheating sorted should be really quick

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