MCR 02

MCR Tec racing car


Box tubular space frame construction with integral safety cage
Anti-intrusion side structures stressed aluminium alloy panels
Rack-and-pinion steering        Aluminium crash box
45 ltr aluminium fuel cell for over 1 hour of running without refuelling


Dual Wilwood master cylinders with dash board mounted bias adjustment
Front and rear Wilwood 4-pot aluminium racing callipers
255mm vented disks front and rear


5-piece lightweight GRP bodywork or
5-piece lightweight Carbon Fibre bodywork
Single element carbon fibre composite rear wing with adjustable angle


Hewland gearbox


Steel fabricated double wishbones all round
Pushrod/rocker activation of Quantum coil over damper unit at each wheel 
Simple anti-roll bar adjustment mechanism with easy access for bar changes
Ride height, camber and toe settings adjustable for each wheel


1.6 ltr Eco boost engine with Hybrid Turbo
producing approx 350 bhp and 350 fpt


OZ lightweight magnesium 8" x 13" front 10" x 13" rears centre lock wheels